I’m an entrepreneur and passionate global change agent, currently focused as Founder and Leader of 90 Seconds travelling globally constantly.

I start and build my businesses from a vision of the world and the opportunity I see to do things different, to disrupt the status quo and pave the way forward.

I’ve developed a diverse range of experiences by creating, developing and selling my businesses in a range of areas and industries I choose to influence, and by initially taking on the key roles in value creation across all areas.

As a result, as well as being the visionary, the strategist, the leader, the inspirer, I’m a Marketer & Story Teller, Sales Person, Product Developer, Operational Productivity Machine and Manager.

I have deep technical skills in many areas across the internet, business and film, and have earnt them through logging the hours and researching and making it happen.

I have travelled and travel a lot and have experience starting or developing business in New Zealand, Australia, UK, South East Asia, and the US.

I am a natural story teller, speaker, motivator and communicator, as it comes from a balance of vision and experience. I am a man of deep substance. I stay awake a lot, am focused, and stay conscious and healthy.

I am a lover of the natural world, and am driven by the depth of the ocean. I see life as a mission, and each business and action is filled with purpose to take the world forward.

I value and are supportive of people who dare to make a difference, or join those who do, and take risks to develop and follow their path. In business, I am interested in finding what people really want, align, and push and support them to no end to make it happen. I will risk a relationship to help someone be all that they truly want to be.

I am in this for the long term, I am here until the end.

You can reach me by email on timmy at timmynorton.com