My businesses: I’ve founded or co-founded & have been/am involved in several ventures around building social capital, personal finance management, online video production software, cycling to work, health, sustainability. I currently spend most of my time growing 90 Seconds into a global sustainable business and live and travel between New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, the UK, US and plenty of places in between.

Current ventures:


90 Seconds – Your Cloud Video Production Service

90 Seconds is the worlds Cloud Video Production Service, a managed freelancer marketplace and workflow platform enabling brands and agencies to get high quality online video content shot and produced anywhere in the world.

90 Seconds has produced almost 5,000 videos in over 50 Countries for over 500 Global brands and some of the worlds largest such as Paypal, L’Oreal, Sony and Barclays and has a global community of over 3,000 rated freelancers and 35 staff in offices in Auckland, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore.

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Love to Ride – Lets Get more people Riding

Love to Ride gets more people riding bikes, by running a workplace cycling program delivered through an online community that gets people competing with each other to cycle to work. Everything is tracked in an online community, so people work together to save hundreds tonnes of C02, 10’s of thousands of litres of petrol, and make the air cleaner and the people healthier and happier!



Previous ventures:


Heaps! personal finance software kiwibank

heaps! – Personal finance and budgeting

heaps! is a personal finance and budgeting website that helps you save money and achieve your goals in life. heaps! is automatically connected to your bank accounts, so it’s up to date everyday. heaps! is currently only available to New Zealander’s, but is helping many thousands of kiwi’s get their finances under control, and getting more out of life. heaps! was a partnership between Kiwibank and my business (at the time) Social Capital.


made from new zealand

Made From New Zealand

Made From New Zealand was New Zealand’s Global Business Community. It was a growing network of 16,000+ businesses and entrepreneurs and great kiwi’s who were promoting their businesses and getting more customers, connecting with other New Zealander’s who can help, and working to grow New Zealand’s exports.


plan hq

PlanHQ – Get things done with a team

PlanHQ makes it easy for you to set goals, spread all the individual bits of work to be done across a growing team of people, where you all know what each other is doing, and can work together and track your progress to achieving goals!